Fred Garcia, Fred Garcia for Sheriff 2014 and Jeff Davis

Campaign Non-Filer and Campaign Non-Reporter

Fine: $8,500

FPPC No. 14/299

Fred Garcia was an unsuccessful candidate for Monterey County Sheriff in 2014. Fred Garcia for Sheriff 2014 was his candidate controlled committee. Garcia, Fred Garcia for Sheriff 2014, and Treasurer Jeff Davis, failed to timely amend their statement of organization to re-designate Fred Garcia for Sheriff 2010 for the 2014 election, in violation of Government Code Section 84103, subdivision (a) (1 count); failed to timely file one semiannual and one pre-election campaign statement by their 2014 due dates, in violation of Government Code Sections 84200, subdivision (a), 84200.5, subdivision (a), and 84200.7, subdivision (a) (1 count); and failed to maintain supporting records for contributions and loans received and expenditures made, in violation of Government Code Section 84104 (1 count). Garcia also failed to timely file a statement of intention prior to soliciting or receiving any contributions or loans for his 2014 campaign, in violation of Government Code Section 85200 (1 count).

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